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The UNI Health Corporation mission is to forward scientific innovation and healthcare access by forging complementary industry partnerships.

We have partnered with the Peixe Rosa initiative to forward that mission to bring expanded research, development, production and distribution of medicine to South America.


Clinical Research Organization

Since 2009 the Peixe Rose initiative has been operated as a Clinical Research Organization (CRO). This program is an alliance of public/private partnerships operating mostly in Brazil. 

Why R&D on Peixe Rosa?

Cost Effective

Significantly cheaper R&D than in western nations

Market Access

Access to the large Brazilian and Continental MERCOSUR market

Government Incentives

Brazil has made it easy and cost effective to join this initiative


Partnerships forming one of the largest research alliances in the world. 


Validation and scalability into Eurozone market

IP Protection

Protect your Investment with IP partnership with Cayman Islands

Proposed Medical Research & Manufacturing Park

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic the organizers of the CRO temporarily lost access to facilities from alliance institutions causing research to halt thus requiring the creation of a medical research park for more autonomy.

The initiative is focused on meeting the underserved needs for medicine in Brazil by expanding research, production and healthcare services.

Pharmaceutical Market

Brazil by the Numbers

Largest market for Drugs
# 1
Largest market for Generics
# 1
Market Growth 2008-2018
1 %
Total Addressable Market
$ 1 Bn
Compound Annual growth Rate
1 %

Market Opportunity*

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

API Demand Surge

Increase in API Imports From 2008-2018
1 %

End Product Supply

of drugs are supplied locally
1 %

API Shortage

of API are Imported
1 %

Total Addressable API Market

Imported API Produces:

of drugs per year
$ 1 BN

*We have assessed the Brazilian Pharmaceutical industry dependence on imported API as an issue of strategic national importance to the Brazilian Government. A willing and capable partner who can address these needs may receive favorable government support for their role. To be determined.

Call to Action:

Seeking corporate production partners to support widespread needs for generics and API manufacturing in Brazil

Initiative Organizers

Initiative Partnerships


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